Thank you for your interest in Clear Insights, Huntington University's student-led business.  Please answer the following questions to help us best match you with future projects.  

After you fill out the entry survey below, you will be added to a skills database that allows us to match students with upcoming projects.  If we find a project you would be well suited for, we will contact you to set up an interview.  Once selected, you will work with a team of other HU students or by yourself completing the project for a professional client. 

Please be thorough when filling out this survey. The more details--the better!

Questions? Email or

* 1. What is your name, HU email address, and year in school (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) ?

* 2. Please list major(s), minor(s) and GPA.

* 3. Will you be on/near campus for Summer 2017?

* 4. List any extracurricular activities, on-campus involvements, or past professional experience (internships, jobs, etc.)?

* 5. Which programs do you have extensive experience working with? (or have enough experience with that you could use in a professional setting). Check all that apply. 

* 6. What specific skills do you have that you think could be valuable to a business and that you would like to use? Check all that apply.

* 7. How do you think you can contribute to Clear Insights? Where is your best fit according to the services we provide? What service would you like perform the most? 

* 8. Desire to get involved with Clear Insights (5 being immediate desire)

Thank you for your time! We look forward to working with you!