The Library is seeking input on our strategic plan. We need to choose 3-5 roles to fill in our community over the next 3-5 years. We want to know which of the following 10 roles are most important to you. We will make the highest voted roles our priority for services and spending. For example, if  Stimulate Imagination remains the top choice, we will devote staff time and funds to selecting, buying and making available bestsellers,  books for pleasure reading, movies, games, and fiction books on CD. If Information Fluency is selected, we would spend time on classes for that and buy more information fluency materials and less fiction and movies.

* 1. Since funding is limited, your library needs your input on what is most important to you.

The library will prioritize its services and spending on the 4-5 highest voted survey responses.

Please rank the following roles for the Orange County Library from 1 to 10
with 1 as most important to you and 10 as least important to you. 

You can use each number 1-10 only once.