This survey is intended to learn the level of Exeter Alumni/ae concerns regarding climate change challenges. For more information on ESI and Exeter's Environmental Mission, see ""

ESI originated in the summer of 2013, emerging from class support for an accelerated PEA response to climate change concerns. An '63 alumni's presentation at his 50th reunion in May triggered this initiative.

We hope you will share your thoughts on climate change and how PEA can best respond to the challenge. We also hope you will join the mailing list so we can inform you of our ideas and leverage your wisdom and passion to create a thoughtful response to the challenge.

* 1. What year did you graduate Exeter, and what college did you attend?

* 2. How would you describe your position on climate change? (Choices are based on the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication—Six Americas study)

* 3. How actively do you participate in behavior and/or other actions in response to climate change concerns?

How much do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

* 4. Alumni/ae have a role in supporting the PEA Community on these issues.

* 5. Exeter's curriculum should include education on the impacts of climate change.

* 6. Exeter's curriculum should include education on sustainable energy, environment, food supply, and/or basic living.

* 7. What recommendations, if any, would you make to update Exeter's curriculum to include climate change and/or other environmental education?

* 8. Additional Comments:

* 9. Please join the Environmental Stewardship Initiative mailing list so we may build a comprehensive voice to assist the PEA Community in developing a response consistent with the scope and scale of the challenge. You can write to "" at any time with ideas, suggestions, concerns. Thank you.