2017-2018 Student Survey - Grades 9-12

DIRECTIONS:  Read each statement and then choose ONE answer choice that you think fits best.  There are no right or wrong answers.  Your teacher will use your class's responses to better understand what it's like to be a student in this class.  Your teacher will not see your individual answers.

* 2. My teacher demonstrates that mistakes are a part of learning.

* 3. My teacher asks us to summarize what we have learned in a lesson.

* 4. Students push each other to do better work in this class.

* 5. My teacher asks me to improve my work when they know I can do better.

* 6. My teacher uses open-ended questions that enable me to think of multiple possible answers.

* 7. Examples of excellent work are provided by my teacher so I can understand what is expected of me.

* 8. In this class, students review each other's work and provide each other with helpful advice on how to improve.

* 9. When asked, I can explain what I am learning and why.

* 10. After I get feedback from my teacher, I know how to make my work better.

* 11. The work in this class is challenging but not too difficult for me.

* 12. During our lessons, I am asked to apply what I know to new types of challenging problems or tasks.

* 13. In this class, other students take the time to listen to my ideas.

* 14. When material in this subject is confusing, my teacher knows how to break it down so I can understand.

* 15. In my class, my teacher is interested in my well-being beyond just my class work.

* 16. If we finish our work early in class, my teacher has us do more challenging work.

* 17. My teacher asks me to rate my understanding of what we have learned in class.

* 18. I use evidence to explain my thinking when I write, present my work, and answer questions.

* 19. In this class, students work together to help each other learn difficult content.

* 20. My teacher helps us identify our strengths and shows us how to use them to help us learn.

* 21. In this class, students are asked to teach other classmates a part or whole lesson.

* 22. Our class stays on task and does not waste time.

* 23. During a lesson, my teacher is quick to change how they teach if the class does not understand (e.g., switch from using written explanations to using diagrams).

* 24. My teacher encourages us to accept different points of view when they are expressed in class.

* 25. I can show my learning in many ways (e.g., writing, graphs, pictures) in this class.

* 26. In this class, students are allowed to work on assignments that interest them personally.

* 27. OPTIONAL:  If you have any additional feedback for your teacher, please share it here.