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Is this the LEADERSHIP opportunity for you?

Manitoba Customer Contact Association (MCCA) is seeking 3 individuals for Board nomination who possess the skills, experience and values needed for MCCA to continue to grow and succeed in an increasingly competitive and complex Industry.

In addition, MCCA is looking for 1 non‑voting member of the Board, whom shall be a representative of the Vendor Members. The non‑voting member shall have all the rights and obligations of a voting Director of the Board, including the right to receive notice and participate in meetings of the Board, except both the right to vote on any matter to be decided by the Board and the right to be appointed an officer of MCCA.

Successful Board members will govern MCCA to promote the development and sustainability of a growing, healthy, and dynamic Industry.  We have an Executive Director who manages a professional staff team, an annual operating budget, Directors and Officers Liability insurance, and we use a Policy Governance® system of governing. We meet as a Board a minimum of 6 times per year at times convenient to the majority of the Board members (typically in June, Sept, Oct, Jan, Feb, & Mar).  

Interested, qualified candidates will be contacted by the MCCA Nominations Committee after the application deadline - June 3, 2022.


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* 4. To be nominated to the MCCA Board of Directors, you must be employed by a MCCA Partner in good standing. What is the name of your Employer?

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* 6. What leadership qualities would you bring to the MCCA Board of Directors?

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