For the purposes of this survey, young people refers to ages 16 through 29.

* 1. What are the main challenges and most significant opportunities for young people in our diocese today?

* 2. In what manner does the Church listen to the lived situations of young people?

* 3. What types of group gatherings of youth, institutionalized or otherwise, have a major success within the Church?  Why?

* 4. What types of group gatherings of youth, institutionalized or otherwise, have a major success outside the Church?  Why?

* 5. What do young people really ask of the Church in our diocese today?

* 6. What possibilities for participation exist in our diocese for young people to take part in the life of the Church?

* 7. How and in what manner is contact made with young people who do not attend Church or Church activities?

* 8. How much time, and in what manner do Catholic clergy, Religious (sisters/brothers), and other formators (youth/young adult ministers, catechists, etc.) provide personal spiritual guidance to young people?

* 9. How are families and communities involved in the vocational discernment of young people?

* 10. How does your community care for young people who experience extreme violence?

* 11. What opportunities are offered to support the engagement of young people in society and civil life, for the common good?

* 12. In a world that is greatly secularized, what pastoral activities are most effective for continuing the journey of faith after the Sacraments of Christian Initiation?

* 13. Are you a male or female?

* 14. Which category below includes your age?

* 15. Are you

* 16. Do you work (either as a volunteer or paid employee) with teenagers or young adults in a church setting?

* 17. If yes to 16:
What initiatives and opportunities for formation are in place for those who provide pastoral vocational guidance?

* 18. How often do you attend Mass?