Welcome Baby Referral

The South Boston Family Engagement Program collaborates with a network of partners to provide parents with nurturing and literacy building practices to strengthen families within our community. Welcome Baby works with a group of volunteers formed by parents, grandparents, and other professionals who visit mothers and their newborns. Our goal is to welcome new mothers and babies into our network and inform them of all the resources available to them and their families here in South Boston. Please call The South Boston Neighborhood House at 617.268.1619 or Daniela Vasquez at 617.268.1619 x403 or email her at dvasquez@sbnh.org with questions or concerns. 

* 1. Referral made by:

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* 3. Primary Caregiver Information:

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* 5. Please list all siblings living at home (be sure to include all DOB's and gender):

* 6. What is the best day and time to visit?

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* 7. Where does your family get health care services?

* 8. Do you receive WIC?

* 9. Are you interested in participating in a parent group?

* 10. Are there any other services you need at this time?