The Local Planning & Network Development (LPND) plan is submitted to the state every two years. The LPND is a process for planning and organizing the delivery of the local mental health services. The overall goal is to ensure Coastal Plains does its best to:
  • Meet local needs and priorities
  • Allow more consumer choice
  • Improve access to services
  • Make the best use of available funds and
  • Promote client, provider and caregiver partnerships

CPCC collects input throughout the year from meetings, forums, surveys, etc. That information is used to help prepare a draft plan which will be published on CPCC’s website for the public to view and comment on. CPCC will then review all comments and make any necessary modifications to the plan. The finalized plan will be submitted to the state and posted on CPCC’s website.

Your responses to this survey are voluntary and anonymous. However, if you would like to know about the results or have any questions please feel free to leave your contact information. You may also call Jonathan Heyward or Amy Stratton at 361-777-3991.

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