DEADLINE for Submission: April 28, 2017

Asterisks * identify mandatory questions to be answered.

* 1. Date

* 2. Last Name, First Name

* 3. Page(s) you are reviewing?

* 4. What stands out the most when you access the page?

* 5. Does the page adequately identify the intended audience?

* 6. Is the content of the page relevant to the intended audience?

* 7. Was there any subject matter on the page that you found confusing or unclear? If so, please provide specific examples and recommendations for clarity.

* 8. Regarding pages offering RESOURCES AND/OR MORE INFORMATION via links to other sites, are the resources listed relevant to the user group? If not, please state your concerns.

* 9. Are there other resources and/or more information links for the intended audience we may want to list? If so, please share those below. If you are reviewing a page without resources and/or more information links, please indicate with "N/A."

* 10. Section 2: Editing Text on Page - Please review the opening description (under page name / audience) and share suggestions, if any, to ensure the statement is relevant.

* 11. Additional text on page: Please provide the heading of the section, then offer your suggestions to ensure clarity / relevance of the content field.

* 12. Looking Forward: What additional recommendations do you have for adding user groups, relevant information focused on demand, and other ideas for the site from an overall perspective?