ASQ 1113 Mentor Program - Short Survey to Rookies

Thanks for your interest in the ASQ’s Raleigh section 1113 Mentor Program. Your first impression of the program will be taken in consideration for our continuous improvement efforts. Please give us your feedback in the next simple questions:

* 1. How appropriate was the introduction method between you and the Guru on your first initial meeting?

  Not appropriate at all Somewhat inappropriate Somewhat appropriate Mostly appropriate Completely appropriate
Introduction method

* 2. Was the assigned Guru able to answer your initial questions?

  None of my questions were answered • A few of my questions were answered • Some of my questions were answered • Most or my questions were answered All of my questions were answered
Questions answered

* 3. Was the Guru knowledgeable in what ASQ has to offer you?

  Not Knowledgeable at All Somewhat Unknowledgeable Knowledgeable Mostly Knowledgeable Completely Knowledgeable
ASQ Guru Knowledge

* 4. Did you feel comfortable working with your Guru?

  Not comfortable at all Somewhat Uncomfortable Comfortable Mostly Comfortable Completely comfortable
Comfortability level

* 5. What area would you like to see more expertise?

* 6. How would you rate this program so far?

  Very Poor Poor Fair Very Good Excellent

* 7. Any additional comments?