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* 2. What is your role within your company?

* 3. What version and product of Oracle ERP do you run today? Please be detailed.

* 4. Are you interested in moving to Oracle Cloud ERP?

* 5. If yes, what Cloud modules are you interested in?

* 6. Do you already own Oracle Cloud ERP?

* 7. If so, what was your initial version for Oracle Cloud ERP?

* 8. What is your current version for Oracle Cloud ERP?

* 9. What cloud modules have you implemented?

* 10. Please list the top three (3) biggest challenges you face with Cloud ERP? Please number each challenge.

* 11. What topics would you like to see at future sessions presented by the Cloud ERP SIG?

* 12. Are you interested in joining the Cloud ERP SIG leadership team?

* 13. Are you interested in presenting at a future Cloud ERP SIG webinar?

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