Safety Culture Survey Registration Form - FALL 2024

What is it?

The Safety Culture Survey is an evidence-based, eight-item questionnaire used to help organizations assess and improve health and safety performance, developed by the Institute for Work & Health. The Safety Culture Survey commences semi-annually to help your company build a track record for positive safety activities.

Why do it?

By completing the survey, you will gain insight into your organization and how it compares in safety to other Saskatchewan construction companies. Survey scores will indicate where improvements might need to be made to health and safety policies and practices to prevent injuries.

How does it work?

The survey is anonymous and survey results will be visible in your SCSA Analytics Dashboard. A higher response rate will provide a clearer picture of your organization's safety culture. To invite more participants from your company to do the survey, share the QR code found in your analytics dashboard to send them directly to the survey, or add their email addresses in question 10. The email addresses entered will only be used to organize survey results.

The Safety Culture Survey will be sent to your email inbox by our technology partner EHS Analytics.


All survey participants will be entered into a draw to for SCSA Prize Packs! Winners will also receive recognition on social media.

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Preview of your Safety Culture Survey results in your SCSA Analytics Dashboard:

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* 8. Your company's WCB number (if known. e.g. A125987)

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* 9. Your company's SCSA ID (if known. e.g. ABCD001)

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* 10. Enhance the reliability of your Safety Culture Survey by getting the participation of as many employees from different roles within your organization as possible. The more responses your company gives, the more accurate the results are!

Invite members of your organization to complete the Safety Culture Survey by entering their email addresses in the box below. (Please separate the emails with a comma. For example:,, ....etc.,)

All invited participants will receive the Safety Culture Survey via email within 24 hours of the invitation once the survey starts.

Additional email addresses can be uploaded in question 11.

Note: The email addresses entered will only be used to organize survey results. Each email address entered will only be invited once. - They will not get another invite if they have already been invited.

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* 11. Please attach and upload any additional emails separated by commas in a DOC, DOCX or PDF file here.

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