Ben Hill United Methodist Church-Differently Abled Ministry

Ben Hill is striving to better meet the needs of our congregation. Please complete this brief survey so that we can plan for the best resources to meet the physical / mental / emotional and other health care needs in the community.

Differently Abled Ministry Mission Statement: To increase the awareness of the needs of persons with disabilities and their families, identify resources and services, educate the church to use their gifts and graces, affirm self-worth and dignity, and participate in ecumenical and interfaith activities.

Ben Hill UMC Vision Statement: To share God’s love and make disciples of Jesus Christ by connecting people to God and one another where-ever they are and across generations.

CONTACT: Anita Harris, Differently Abled Servant Leader at for further information or interest in joining our ministry.

Thank you for taking the time to take the survey.

* 1. Is there a structural part of the church building that prohibits your physical mobility in accessing any area of the church? If yes, name what prohibits you?

* 2. Do you have a visual, hearing, speech or other impairment?

* 3. Did you know there is counseling (grief, emotional, etc.) offered at Ben Hill UMC?

* 4. What would enhance the worship experience for you?

* 5. Did you know we have a wheelchair, defibrillator and First Aid Station? 

* 6. Do you know where they are located?

* 7. Do you or your child need any special services for Sunday School or worship services?
If yes, list the service.

* 8. Do you have or know a child with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or is
developmentally delayed?

* 9. Are you aware of the resources in South Fulton County for children with an IEP or children who are developmentally delayed?  

* 10. Do you have a wheelchair or a walker you would like to donate that is in good shape?   
If yes, please give us your name, email address and telephone number to contact you.