1. Welcome to the Media Savvy Survey

Thank you for participating in the Media MindED Teaching survey. It has 21 questions and we hope you will answer them all. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes.  Your feedback is important for us to accomplish our goal:  to elicit as much information regarding teachers' current perceptions of their own skills, competency and use of media and digital literacy in education in order to drive our research into the gaps that exist, how they differ from pre-COVID teaching and what may be needed to support K-12 educators. Your answers are strictly anonymous and will only be used to further our understanding of how today's educators self-assess their own literacy.  If you would like to see the results, join our community or be eligible to win a gift certificate, you may leave your contact information at the end of this survey.  By entering your information and completing the survey, your name will automatically be entered to win a $100 gift certificate when we close the survey in June 2022.  

The MediaMindED Team