* 1. Is this your first time trying out the "CSA" experience?

* 2. How many people eat from your CSA box?

* 3. Did you get a Full Summer Veggie Share or an Every-Other-Week Share?

* 4. Were you splitting a Full Summer Veggie CSA share with a friend?

* 5. Did you split an Every Other Week Share with a Friend?

* 6. How did you feel about the amount of food that you received in your share for your size family?

* 7. How did you feel about the variety of food that was offered in your CSA share over the season?

* 8. How did you feel about the Weekly Dig Newsletters?

* 9. Do you that the price of your share was fair for the amount of food and the experience that you received?

* 10. What was the primary reason for choosing to sign up with our Small Family Farm?  

* 11. The most effective way in which CSA farms grow is by word of mouth and members telling their friends about their positive experiences. Would you recommend trying a CSA farm to your friends or extended family? Do you think you will want to sign up next year?