3Distributed Survey for the RepRap Intro alpha tests.

* 3. When you started 3D printing, had you any expertise that helped with the learning curve?

  None A little Some Hobbyist Professional
Mechanical Engineering
Electronic Engineering
Robotics/Computer Engineering
Computer Programming
CNC machine control
Materials Science
CAD modelling

* 4. How much has your knowledge of these areas changed through building an maintaining your own 3D printer?

  None A little Some A lot A great deal
Mechanical Engineering
Electronics Engineering
Robotics/Computer Engineering
Computer Programming
CNC Machine Control
Materials Science
CAD Modelling

* 9. What additional features would it have to have in order to justify a higher price tag?

  No Help at all! Not that Helpful Somewhat Helpful Very Helpful Seriously Appealing!
Complete software toolchain
Dual extrusion, Multi extrusion
Paste extrusion
Larger than average build volume
Heated Bed, easy to use print bed surface
Removable print bed
Filament spool management
Auto filament calibration
Auto bed leveling
Auto Parts clear and restart
Web enabled printer host (remote access)
1080p Webcam
3D scanner
Lockable Enclosure
Draft excluding perspex hat
Heated Chamber