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Please rate the following Monday morning and afternoon sessions, based on the quality of the speakers and content. It's only one page!

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* 1. Please rate the quality of the full-room morning sessions:

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Keynote 1: Storytelling (Anne-Marie Concepcion)
Keynote 2: Share and Appreciate (David Blatner)
Creative Cloud “2″: What’s New Today and Tomorrow (Chris Kitchener, Adobe)
Touch Me: Unexpected Uses of Touch Apps (Russell Viers)
A 10-Point Program for Better Type (Nigel French)
PDF Commenting (Kelly Vaughn)
Top Free Plug-ins and Scripts for Every InDesign User (Erica Gamet)
Inserting Custom HTML in DPS and EPUB (Jerry Silverman)

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* 2. Please rate the quality of the breakout afternoon sessions:

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Producing eBooks: InDesign to EPUB (Anne-Marie Concepcion)
Snapshot: Today’s Digital Publishing Landscape (James Fritz)
Head to Head GREP (Erica Gamet, Bart Van de Wiele)
InDesign to Kindle: Deep Dive (Erik Christopher)
InDesign Tips & Tricks (Sandee Cohen, David Blatner)
Creating One-Off Tablet Apps from InDesign (Keith Gilbert)
Case Studies: What We Learned Going from Print to Tablet (Diane Burns, Bob Levine, Haeme Ulrich, Kat Topaz)
Deke’s Techniques (Deke McClelland)
One Step: Turn Your InDesign Document into an HTML5 Web App (David Blatner, Justin Putney, Jerry Silverman)
Ignite InDesign! Tips and Stories from the Front Lines

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