* 1. As a paralegal, what is your favorite specific task to do and why (Hint: "helping people" or "saving the world" doesn't count)?

* 2. You receive a call from a client, who insists on speaking with his attorney. The attorney is currently at a trial. What do you do?

* 3. Assume that your desk overlooks the reception area. How do you ensure client confidentiality?

* 4.

One of the attorneys, who is suffering from a severe cold, comes over to your desk, on which you have a gumball machine. Instead of pushing the lever for a gumball, that person proceeds to open the top and starts to reach a hand into the jar. What is your response?

* 5. How do you personally keep track of your pending deadlines and tasks?

* 6. Sometimes you'll need to talk to a client about random things. To test this, please list three reasons why shredding documents is good for your health. (Hint: sarcasm is your friend)

* 7. There are two people sitting in the reception area waiting to meet with one of the attorneys in your office for the first time. A disgruntled former client enters the office, complaining loudly and threatening to report the office to the State Bar. How do you handle the situation?

* 8. In two sentences, explain your ideal work place

* 9. You did not understand a difficult assignment you were given, and as a result, the entire project is now overdue and incorrect. The attorney who gave you the task is furious. What do you do?

* 10. List your name and email address.