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* 1. Please read the following statements and sign below to indicate your receipt acknowledgement of The Employee Manual (rev. 1/1/2022)

I have received and read a copy of The Employee Manual. It is my responsibility to know and to understand the policies and procedures written within. I understand that the policies, rules, and benefits described in it are subject to change at the sole discretion of The Company at any time. I understand that this Employee Manual replaces all other previous handbooks for the company.

I further understand that I am subject to the Company's substance abuse program and consent to testing and screening as referenced in the program and release the company from any liability relating to the operation of the program as it pertains to me.

I further understand that no promise of a benefit is binding on the company unless in writing and signed by a member of upper management.

I understand that no employment relationship other than "at-will" has been expressed or implied, and that no circumstances arising out of my employment will alter my "at-will" employment relationship unless they are written with the understanding specifically set forth and signed by myself and a member of upper management. 

I am aware that during the course of my employment confidential information will be made available to me (i.e., customer lists, pricing  policies, production processes, and other related information.) I understand that confidential information is critical to the success of the company and must not be disseminated or used outside of the company's premises.  In the event of termination of employment, whether voluntary of involuntary, I nearby agree not to use or to exploit this information with any other individual or company. 

I understand that my signature below indicates that I have read and understood the above statements, and that I have received a copy of the employee manual.

I authorize the company to deduct from my compensation the cost of any company personal property not returned to the company at time of separation or returned in damaged form as well as any money due the company.   Such deductions may be taken from one or more of my paychecks until the entire amount has been repaid.  I further agree that if any amount is still owing at the end of my employment after such deductions, I will repay the company for the remaining amount, including interest, notwithstanding separation from employment.

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