Please complete the form at the end of student's internship at your agency. Please do not share this form with your practicum student(s).

The HPU Practicum Coordinator will use this evaluation to conduct an ongoing assessment of the Field Education Program. Please read each statement and question carefully, then indicate your response as requested.

* 1. Semester:

* 2. Today's Date:

* 3. Agency:

* 4. Field Instructor name (optional):

* 5. Did you supervise (a) BSW student(s), MSW student(s), or both?

Please read each staement and select the answer that best corresponds to your response.

* 6. The field education faculty were easily accessible when I needed assistance.

* 7. The Field Instructor Orientation was informative.

* 8. The Field Instructor Orientation was informative.

* 9. The Field Coordinator provided me with sufficient information regarding field instructors' roles and responsibilities.

* 10. The Practicum Handbook is clear.

* 11. The Practicum Handbook contains up-to-date information.

* 12. The field education syllabus clarified the educational goals and objectives.

* 13. The field placement process runs smoothly.

* 14. What are the program's strengths?

* 15. What are the program's weaknesses?

* 16. What would you recommend to improve the program?

* 17. What do you consider to be your strengths as a Field Instructor?

* 18. What do you consider to be your areas in need of improvement as a Field Instructor?

* 19. What type of field education program support was most helpful to you and what type of support would you like to have more often?

* 20. Overall, how would you rate the field education program at Hawaii Pacific University?