1. An Intuitive Assessment of the Year 2060 - Gained through Remote Viewing

Let us begin by thanking you for taking part in the 2060 project; it is much appreciated and your answers and comments will make a real contribution to our research.

The purpose of this project is to gain an understanding of the future, and how we get to it, through remote viewing.

We are interested in discovering how experienced remote viewers and clairvoyants see and sense the future. Not as you dream of it, or fantasize about it, or wish it to be, or logically think it will be, but only via your intuitive faculties as to what it will be (as much as you are able to separate these out). Instead, we are asking you to do your best to set aside what you have read, or learned in some way, and instead move your self, your awareness, your consciousness, your spirit, what ever to the future, as if you were entering a time machine with 2060 in the GPS, and going there to explore various facets of every day life.

We will have a variety of questions for you about changes and interesting things you see about the environment, life in general for people, technology, communications, work, health care, population, leisure activities, politics, etc. Information about the physical world in terms of how buildings, structures, objects look, and how people are in their environment are all important.

You can orient things to yourself - what is life like for you at this time, or if it turns out you sense you are not in a body/incarnate, then you can think of it like if you were there, what would you find most interesting. Another possible approach is to go follow someone who will for sure be there, and describe what life is like around and for them at that time.

While you are welcome to explore any area as long as it is the same day you do your session, in the year 2060, one approach you could also take is to go to the same location you are presently at. Or you can go where something interesting is happening

As far as your approach for this session, we'd like you to mostly do what you are comfortable with as a remote viewer. That being said, you are front loaded as to the year, and to what we want to describe. We understand this means there could be be some degree of non intuitive information entering in but please trust us that we have now completed 30 monitored sessions of remote viewers and this process seems to be working. 

Also we can assure you that this will be an interesting and enriching experience that you will remember into the future. It may even help you moving forward with decisions regarding your own life.

We have extended the deadline for this and are hoping to have all these completed no later than May 1, 2020.  We appreciate if you can try to complete these before that.

We will have an area here where in addition to answer the questions (only do after you have done a full RV session) you can upload your written transcripts and sketches as well. Summaries are more desirable than raw data. 

You are welcome to use any intuitive modality you prefer, just make sure you indicate which you are using.

Stephan Schwartz is the principle researcher on this project. He is being assisted by Debra Katz. If you have any questions about this project, or just need some further tips on how to proceed, feel free to get in touch Debra at debrakatz@yahoo.com. 

You will be allowed to return to the survey to complete your responses any time before you click "done". After you click done you can still return using the same email link, but only for a period of two weeks. 
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