Thank you for taking this survey. The information we gather will be used to improve our Publisher system.

* 1. Have you used the new Publisher in the past week?

* 2. When we upgraded the Publisher, we set up the publishing process to use steps (tabs) like 1. Products & Specifications, 2. Presentation Images, etc. Some artists have requested that we go back to having all the product information on a single page. How do you feel about this?

  Strongly prefer Don't care Strongly don't want
Single page
Step tabs

* 3. Are there any features from the old Publisher that you have not found in the new Publisher, that you wish were there? (Please note that we plan to add the ability to publish collections to the new Publisher.)

* 4. If you have specific feature requests, we'd like to communicate with you directly to find out how we can serve you best. Please give us your information below so we can contact you. We will never give out your information to third parties.