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Welcome to ChannelE2E's Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs survey. MSPs of every size from every geography can participate. And participation is simple. Complete the survey below and click Done.

  • Deadline for Submissions: Friday, March 31, 2017.
  • Results and Honorees will be announced during April 27, 2017 webcast. To register for the webcast, simply request registration for you and/or your company leader by answering question number 16 below.

BEFORE YOU START: Please make sure you have the relevant financial information at your fingertips (questions 7-9). We'll keep your financial information and contact information confidential.

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Joe Panettieri
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* 1. What MSP are you nominating for the Top 100 Vertical Market MSPs list?

* 2. In what year was the company founded?

* 3. Please describe the company's focus or mission in five sentences or less.

* 4. Which SINGLE vertical market is your MSP's MOST SUCCESSFUL vertical market for fiscal 2016?

* 5. Approximately how many end users are you serving in this vertical market?

* 6. Approximately how many physical and virtual devices (PCs, servers, routers, printers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) are you managing in this vertical market?

* 7. For 2016: What were your managed services revenues in that vertical market? Please answer in U.S. dollars. To convert to U.S. dollars please visit (Your answer will remain confidential.)

* 8. For 2015: What were your managed services revenues in that vertical market? To convert to U.S. dollars please visit (Your answer will remain confidential.)

* 9. For 2016: What were your company's TOTAL overall revenues? To convert to U.S. dollars please visit (Your answer will remain confidential.)

* 10. OPTIONAL: Name up to five vertical market certifications or compliance mandates that the MSP has earned/fulfilled (examples: HIPAA compliance in healthcare; PCI Compliance Certification in Retail, etc.).

* 11. Which three IT vendors (hardware, software, services or cloud company) or distributors have most greatly assisted your vertical market success?

* 12. How many employees did your company have as of December 2016?

* 13. Company's top executive (contact info will remain confidential)

* 14. What is your contact information? (This will remain confidential)

* 15. Can we contact you for a 15-minute phone call to potentially quote you or your company leader in our research?

* 16. Please register me for the April 27 webcast announcing Top 100 Vertical Market MSP honorees, rankings and research results.

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