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* 1. While we recognize cell phones are a way of life, please note the following expectations of cell phone usage during the work day. 

Employees should restrict personal cell phone calls/texting/browsing to break or lunch times to maximum extent possible. 

Frequent  or lengthy phone calls / internet browsing are not acceptable
as they may adversely affect the employee's productivity and disturb others. 

Employees should be encouraged to use common sense when making or receiving personal cell phone calls / text messages at work.  For example, employees should reserve personal or intimate details for non-work hours. 

Personal cell phone use, even when permitted, must never include language that is obscene, discriminatory, offensive, prejudice, or defamatory in any way (such as jokes, slurs, and/or inappropriate remarks regarding a person's race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, age or disability.)

Business provided cell phones are company property and are limited to 2GB of data per month.  Any overages will be deducted directly from employees paycheck. Cell phones and all accessories must be returned to company upon termination of employment.

Excessive use will result in a written warning an is subject to unfavorable documentation for review purposes. 

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