* 1. Where do you live?

* 2. Which category below includes your age?

* 3. How long have you been climbing?

* 4. How passionately would you say you pursue climbing? ( more than one answer is acceptable)

* 5. Would you consider yourself settled in a career? If so please specify

* 6. If you do have a career, how long have you been pursing it?

* 7. 2 PARTS: ( I am limited by the basic survey, sorry.)

What are the positive aspects of your chosen career that allow you to continue climbing? ( what are the hours, benefits, travel, pay etc...)

What are some of the negative aspects of your chosen career that limit your climbing?

* 8. What would you consider the ideal career that would allow you to pursue rock climbing to your full potential? why that career?

* 9. Have you ever used unemployment insurance, welfare, or food stamps in order to climb full time?

* 10. In the spirit of including as many opinions as possible about how climbing integrates into your life, or the lives of others, please add any comments that you may have here. They will be included in the research and displayed anonymously if this information ever gets published anywhere, but if you wish to be quoted please leave your name here with your comments.

Maybe you want to tell me about the impact climbing has had on your life, your family's life. The impact climbing has had on your career choices and life path. What things have you noticed about climbers personalities or climbers career choices?

What more would you like me to research about this subject?

Thanks so very much for your time.