1. About this Survey

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Changing Faces is the leading UK charity that supports and represents people who have conditions, injuries or markings that make them look different from other people, sometimes known as visible differences, unusual appearance or disfigurement.

Whilst many people we work with lead happy, successful lives, others tell us that their appearance has a negative impact on their lives.

Our vision is to be able to provide effective, local support to everyone who needs it. In order to do this we need to collect information about what people want, need and what the current gaps in service are.

By sharing your experience with us in answering this questionnaire you will help to ensure that the support we offer our clients is as effective as it can be.

This survey is aimed at people living in the UK who are 16 or over. We would like to know about

your experience of living with a condition, injury or marking that makes you look different,
about any support you have received,
what support works best and
about any suggestions or recommendations you have.

If you are under 16, please keep a look out for our survey for young people that will be available soon.

We will use all the information collected to inform our services for people living with a condition, injury or marking that affects their appearance.

The questionnaire will take about 15 minutes to complete.

If you do not respond to this questionnaire it will not affect any support you already receive or may wish to receive in the future from Changing Faces.

By completing this questionnaire you are consenting to take part in this piece of research. Any information you provide will be held securely in digital and paper-based form by Changing Faces for up to ten years.

The final results of our research will be owned by Changing Faces and may be publicised. Data from every individual will be kept anonymous.

For a chance to be entered into the draw to win a £50 Marks and Spencer voucher please complete the questionnaire and fill in your details on the form at the end. The draw will take place in September and you will be contacted using the details you provide if you are the winner!

Please use the 'next' button at the bottom of each page to progress through the survey. Thank you.

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