Greetings Parents!

Thank you for taking the time to speak with your student regarding his or her shadow day experience at Pius XI High School so that you are able to complete this survey. Your feedback will allow us to improve the program in the future.


Admissions and Enrollment

* 1. Prospective student's current grade?

* 2. How did you hear about Pius XI High School's Shadow Program? Please check all answers that apply.

* 3. Where are you and your student in the application process (8th-11th grade students only)?

* 4. Please rate your students shadow day experience. Select the circle that best describes the students experience on a scale of being not positive at all to being very positive.

  Not Positive Somewhat Positive Average Positive Very Positive N/A
Morning Registration/Welcome
TAC Experience
Classroom Visits
Resource Room Visits
Host Interaction
Staff Interaction
End-of-day Experience

* 5. What did the student enjoy or value the most about his/her visit?

* 6. Do you have any suggestions for improving students shadow day experiences?

* 7. Would you recommend Pius XI Shadow Day program to other students/families?

* 8. Please add any further comments about this event or ideas for future events.