Parent Survey (2017-2018)

* 2. Did you attend the 2017 Fall Title I Parent Meeting?

* 3. My child currently attends...

* 4. Do you feel the school environment provides safe and adequate conditions for your child's learning experience?

* 5. Do you feel the instruction provided to your child is adequately preparing them for college and career readiness?

* 6. Do you feel instructional resources have been provided to meet your child's specific educational needs? (e.g. instructional support, iReady, StudyIsland, after-school tutorials, etc.)

* 7. Do you feel the school is open and welcoming?

* 8. Do you feel comfortable expressing your concerns to the teachers and staff?

* 9. Do you feel comfortable expressing your concerns to the school administrators?

* 10. Under Title I, schools are required to spend at least 1% of its Title I funds on Parent and Family Engagement. This year those funds were used to purchase the Automated Messaging System (AIMS) to ensure parents are updated on current events and important dates pertaining to school.  Please identify topics of interest you would like to see those funds allocated. (Check all that apply).