About the RDAC

The RDAC will provide advice and input to FCO that will help improve the content, quality, effectiveness, and accessibility of FCO resources. This advice and input will help ensure that our resources meet the needs of Council members and LTCH staff.

The RDAC will also provide input to help ensure that FCO resources are appropriate for and reflect the diversity of long-term care residents and their families, including culture, gender, age, ability, disability, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, Indigenous identity, creed, religion, and language.   

We recognize that equity and diversity affects all long-term care residents and families in complex and multi-faceted ways. The RDAC membership will strive for diversity and inclusiveness as stated in the FCO values and RDAC purpose sections. Our goal is that the RDAC membership reflect the diversity of Ontario’s long-term care homes, including gender, age, ability, disability, race, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, Indigenous identity, and language.

We are committed to ensuring representation of underrepresented groups on the committee and we encourage people from equity seeking groups to self-identify within this form.