Welcome to the ADVANCE2 Nurse Survey

Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important and will be used to inform stakeholders about the enablers and barriers to education for nurses working in general practice and primary care.  We will also look at how education has affected your scope of practice and the ability to take on advanced roles.

How to complete the survey.

Please read the questions carefully and follow the instructions which are in italic print.  Please choose the answer that is the most right for your situation. If you have two or more places of employment please relate your answers to the place where you work most hours.  Where space is provided please add comments where you feel there is extra information we should be aware of.

Most of the questions are answered by ticking a box for the answer that best applies to you.  Some questions require you to provide a rating.

Please read the accompanying Plain Language Statement  and consent form before continuing.  You can exit the survey at any point prior to submission.
Plain Language Statement
Consent Form

Question Title

* 1. I have read the Plain Language Statement and consent form.  I understand that by submitting the survey I am consenting for the de-identified information provided to be used in the ADVANCE2 project.