It takes a Parish!

Please share your thoughts and ideas for our Youth Ministry Program.

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* 9. If yes, how many children do you have?

* 10. If yes, please indicate school ages of your children:

* 11. Preferred meeting time for Jr High students

* 12. If weeknight, which weeknight

* 13. Preferred meeting time for High School students

* 14. If weeknight, which weeknight

* 15. Would you be willing to be a prayer partner for a teen?

* 16. Would you be willing to be an adult presence at a youth event?

* 17. I would be willing to attend a meeting or activity as a sponsor/adult presence:

* 18. Are you Virtus certified?

* 19. Would you be willing and able to transport students to activities?

* 20. What do you think is the most important thing Youth Ministry should offer our young people?

* 21. Of the following are possible events and activities, please select those you think would be good for our program:

* 22. Please share any other ideas or suggestions.