Parent and Guardian Questionnaire

North Miami is very interested in hearing from the caregivers of our North Miami Warriors.  Please complete this survey so that we can better understand how to serve our community. 

* 1. The school facilities meet the needs of the students and visitors during and after school hours.

* 2. I feel welcome at my child’s school.

* 3. My child is safe at school.

* 4. The school looks clean and inviting when I visit.

* 5. The school meets the academic needs of the students.

* 6. The school has an excellent learning environment.

* 7. I like the school’s report card and progress report format.

* 8. The school succeeds at preparing children for future careers.

* 9. The school has a good public image.

* 10. I have helped make it possible for my child to succeed in school.