In-Person Worship Reopening Survey

Our church leadership has prayerfully and thoughtfully explored how our congregation will begin to gather again safely. Most importantly, we have sought God's guidance in these decisions. We have paid close attention to the dictates and advice of our conference leadership, government officials, and health experts. As we begin in-person worship, please be aware of the following guidelines we will be observing:

-- If you are sick, please worship from home.

-- If you have been sick or have had contact with someone who is/has been sick, please worship at home until 14 days after symptoms are gone.

-- Everyone over age 3 is required to wear a mask.

-- Please maintain a social distance of 6' from anyone not in the family group that resides in your household.

-- No physical contact with anyone outside your family group such as hugging or shaking hands.

-- Restroom facilities will only be available in emergency situations.

-- There will be no congregational singing.

-- There will be no nursery.

-- Due to limited seating, weekly sign-up is required.

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* 1. Name

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* 2. When in-person worship is offered following the above guidelines, I would feel comfortable attending:

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* 3. As we begin offering in-person worship soon, would you be comfortable bringing a child or grandchild?

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* 4. Do you currently serve on the security team, as an usher, greeter, etc.?

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* 5. If you answered "yes" to question 4, would you be comfortable continuing to serve once we resume in-person worship?