Newsletter Survey

* 1. Do you have any skills, background, travel experience, etc that you apply to your crime writing?

* 2. Do you have a favorite classic crime writer, and would you be willing to write a few paragraphs about him/her for a future newsletter? 

* 3. Are you traditionally published, self-published, or both? Do you have any strong feelings or recommendations on one side or the other?

* 4. Do you live in or travel regularly to the NorCal region, and if so, where and when would you like to see our meet-ups?

* 6. Have you participated in a mentoring program for writers, whether MWA’s or somewhere else? As teacher, or student?

* 7. Have you ever taught writing, or written about the craft?

* 8. What’s your online presence? Do you use:

* 9. Is there something you’d like to see in the News?

* 10. Personal information