We, at the MDSC, are reaching out to ask you to help us strengthen our support for families of school-aged children (3-22). We appreciate the feedback that we got from our membership survey conducted last spring. One message we clearly received as a result of the survey analysis was that families of school -aged children would like more support and access to resources.

It is because of this feedback that we are reaching out to you today. Over the course of this past year it has become very clear to me that each of you have so much information and support to give based upon your individual experiences. Through incidental conversations and interactions, many of you have shared some wonderful resources in your local communities. Those of you who have called for support have given me a great deal of insight into your individual educational experiences. Your experiences have helped me guide many families to community resources based upon your personal recommendations.
That being said, we have just uncovered the tip of the iceberg in terms of the information that you all have to offer. We are hoping that you will take a few minutes to connect to this Survey Monkey link and provide us with any insight or information that will help us strengthen our database of resources for other members who come to us from inside of your own communities.

We appreciate the time that it takes to complete a survey. We are confident that the information you provide will go a long way towards strengthening our database of information and programming for you and other families. Thanks so much for participating!