BTID Satisfaction Survey-#2

At the Brief Therapy Institute of Denver we value your opinion about our services. This satisfaction survey helps us evaluate our treatment services. Please take a moment to complete this survey. Your responses will be used to ensure that we are providing the highest standard of care. Thank you.

* 1. How satisfied are you with the therapy you received?

* 2. How professionally did your therapist handle your situation?

* 3. How responsive was your therapist to your needs outside the therapy office (returning phone calls, reports to third parties, etc.)?

* 4. How effective have the services been for dealing with your problems?

* 5. How helpful were the homework assignments (resources, skill building tools, etc.)?

* 6. Comparing your situation to before treatment, how would you describe your current situation?

* 7. Would you refer family and friends to the Brief Therapy Institute of Denver?

* 8. Would you refer family and friends to your therapist?

* 9. What level of improvement have you noticed in the following areas since starting therapy?

  None Somewhat Great
Medical Problems
Work/School Problems
Alcohol or Drug Use
Out of Control Behaviors
Personal Relationships
Overall Functioning

* 10. Please select your counselor.