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Prior to submitting a request, please review the resources available on the NAPABA Hate Crimes Resource Center to see if there are resources that can provide immediate assistance.

The NAPABA Hate Crimes Task Force will review each submission and provide a response. Please be aware that NAPABA pro bono assistance is limited and the Task Force will evaluate each request based on urgency and need, and the availability of pro bono counsel.
Please review the below definitions prior to filing a submission:
Hate Crime v. Hate/Bias Incident
A hate crime must involve a “crime” and it is often a violent crime, such as assault, murder, arson, vandalism, or threats to commit such crimes. It may also cover conspiring or asking another person to commit such crimes, even if the crime was never carried out.

A hate/bias incident are acts of prejudice that are not crimes and do not involve violence, threats, or property damage. The most common examples are speech in the form of racial slurs.

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