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* 1. What month and year did the United States enter World War II?

* 2. What prompted the United States entry into World War II?

* 3. Who was President of the United States at the beginning of World War II?

* 4. Approximately how many American men and women gave their life in World War II?

* 5. Did you have a relative die in World War II?

* 6. Do you personally know a World War II veteran who is alive today?

* 7. Approximately how many United States military men and women have died for the United States during the current War on Terror (start date of 2001-Current, Iraq/Afghanistan, as of January 2008)?

* 8. Do you agree with securing our borders ASAP (i.e. fence, wall,)?

* 9. Do you believe our national security is currently threatened by illegal immigration, radical Muslim clerics, and/or a lack of border control?

* 10. Do you believe in the 2nd Amendment (Right to Bear Arms)?