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To meet the educational needs of students who are blind or visually impaired, a number of supports are required:
* Assistive technology such as screen magnifiers, talking word processors, text readers, CCTV's, screen readers, Braille translation software, notetakers, Braille embossers, etc.
* Access to materials (Braille, large print, electronic text)
* Focus on an expanded core curriculum that addresses the unique needs of each blind and visually impaired student (for more information on this, go to Alberta Education - Expanded Core Curriculum
* Ongoing support of a skilled education team that includes classroom teachers, qualified teachers of the blind and visually impaired (vision consultants), educational assistants and parents.

As a group, ASVI can play a role in advocating for the above supports required to ensure students who are blind and visually impaired receive the best educational experiences possible.