I agree to participate in a survey conducted by Dr. Edward Orehek (e.orehek@rug.nl) and Froukje Walstra.

I am aware that participation in this study is voluntary. I can stop my participation at any time and be removed from the database or request that my data be destroyed.

The purpose of this study is to understand how people perform acticities in their daily life.
Participation in this study will provide more insight about how different circumstances influence the performance of daily life activities.
I will be asked a series of questions over the internet.
The entire study will take 10 minutes.
No stress or discomfort is expected to result from participation in this study.
The information obtained from this investigation will be handled anonymously and can not be made public on an individually identifiable manner.

This study has been approved by the Ethics board at the University of Groningen (ecp@rug.nl).

Please click continue to agree with the above statements and to give your consent to participate in this study.