About the Friendship Heights Alliance

The Friendship Heights Alliance envisions a more vibrant, dynamic, and inclusive future for Friendship Heights, with diversity in housing opportunities and retail experiences, and a people-friendly public realm. This place-focused nonprofit coordinates the community building needed to reinvigorate Friendship Heights, focusing on the commercial corridor along Wisconsin Avenue from Oliver Street in Montgomery County, Maryland, to Fessenden Street NW in Washington, DC.  
Our workplan over the coming year will be shaped and informed by the invaluable insights, hopes and priorities of the wide range of stakeholders in Friendship Heights. We will be sharing results and other neighborhood research in a report in our newsletter.

For more information or to get involved, contact hello@friendshipheights.com, visit friendshipheights.com, sign up for Friendship Heights Neighborhood News, or follow the organization on Instagram @FriendshipHeightsAlliance.

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