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About the Program

The Chipping Program is a service sponsored by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources and administered by Chelan County Fire District #3 (CCFD3) and the Chumstick Wildfire Stewardship Coalition (CWSC).  Chelan County Fire District #1 is generously providing a chipper for our use this Spring.

This program aims to help Leavenworth area residents and landowners to reduce and dispose of vegetative fuels around their homes, property improvements, along driveways, and from forested lands.  Vegetative material piled by landowners who have completed fuels reduction work will be "chipped" by CCFD3 over a set period of time.  

*This year we are offering mobile Chipping only to those residents who have 3 or more households participating, or 3 or more acres treated. The minimum pile size for mobile Chipping is 4'x4'x4' for an organized, well-stacked pile.

For less than a full truckload of vegetative disposal, we've still got your back: we are offering two weekend 'Dump Days' of free Chipping at the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery- dates to be announced in March.

The CWSC is currently taking applications for the Chipping Program.  Please sign up soon, space is limited. Chipping dates are set for late April through early May 2019.

How Do I Participate?

1.  Answer the questions below!

2. We will place you on our 'Chipping in the Spring of 2019' list.

3. Get your neighbors on board! We can provide you with brochures on the program and benefits to the forest to help! 

4. We will email you Pile Guidelines, Reporting, and Authorization Forms after we receive and process your information.

5.  Get your piles ready! By working together to reduce our fuels we make our landscape more resilient to wildfire. That's why we are offering mobile chipping to residents who are working with at least 2 of their neighbors or who have treated 3 or more acres. We are happy to assist you and your neighbors to create a plan to reduce fuels on your properties. The minimum pile size for mobile chipping is 4'x4'x4' for an organized, well-stacked pile next to a 'chipper-accessible' road.  

6.  Return the completed Reporting and Authorization Forms to CWSC.

7.  We chip!

If your needs aren't met by either of these programs, please feel free to contact us- we're happy to help find the right solution for you! 

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* 1. CONTACT ME!  I will have wood to chip! Please send me the chipping program instructions and forms.

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* 2. How many acres do you own?

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* 3. If working with neighbors to qualify for mobile chipping, please list their names and email (if available) here:

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* 4. Additional comments? Let us know what's on your mind!

Thank you!