1. PLEASE READ These Instructions and Information THOROUGHLY!

This is the ABLS Trial Exam on Laser Biophysics, Tissue Interaction and Safety. There are also a few questions on Cosmetic Laser Procedures, for a total of 10 knowledge questions.

This short exam is designed to explore your knowledge with a few critical questions that the Board believes you should know to maximize efficacy and safety for their patients. To the extent you are unsure of some answers, the Board suggests consideration of the certification process.

Question 1 captures your contact information - name, location and email, but not street address or phone number. We will contact you only by email about your Trial Exam result and this will be kept confidential.

Questions 2 through 7 relate to fundamental laser science and tissue interaction. Questions 8 and 9 relate to key aspects of laser safety.

Questions 10 through 13 concern cosmetic laser procedures. If you practice in another discipline, please skip these.

Question 14 asks how you think you did and for any comments you may have.

Each question is on its own page. The next page has the correct answer, and the next question. You can then see question by question how you are doing.

You must answer each question in order to be able to complete the Trial Exam. If you are not sure of the answer, please make your best guess.

You may back up to check or change any answers. However after you click the "DONE" button at the end of the exam, you cannot change your answers.

When you have completed the exam, the Board will email you with your total score in a few days. A score indicating a very good understanding would be 85% of all possible points.

Questions that contain ONLY ONE right answer will only allow you to select one answer - these questions have circular DOTS. If you change your answer, the dot with the check mark will change accordingly. Questions which may have MORE THAN ONE right answer will allow you to make more than one selection - these questions have square BOXES. If you change your answer, you must click on a box to uncheck it, and then click on a new box to check it.

Below please provide your name, degree, specialty, location and email address. We will only contact you by email. Your answers will be confidential.

The Board wishes you success!

* 1. Please supply the following information: