1. NetLibrary E-Books Survey 2

Hi. This is a short survey to determine if the usage of our NetLibrary e-books here at Southeastern Oklahoma State University is less than, the same as, or more than at other institutions that have NetLibrary e-books.
The focus of the survey is academic libraries, so other types of libraries need not go through the survey.

* 1. Does your institution have access to or own a collection of NetLibrary e-books?

* 2. How many total e-books do you either have access to or own through NetLibrary?

* 3. How many accesses to your NetLibrary Collection did you have in the period from July 1, 2006 through June 30, 2007?

* 4. What was the most used subject of e-books in your NetLibrary collection?

* 5. What is student population of your institution? (both FTE and total enrolled)

* 6. What type of institution are you?

* 7. Have you loaded records to your NetLibrary books into your catalog?

* 8. What automation system do you use for your catalog?

* 9. If you have put your NetLibrary records into your Library catalog, what was the difference in the usage of your NetLibrary books?

* 10. Name of University, college, Institution or business: