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* 1. Water supply

Despite the name Ridge of White Waters the Witwatersrand has had too little ground water for a Town then a City and now a metropolis. In the first decades of the Twentieth Century every house had a rain barrel to supplement the municipal supply. In Vrededorp every house had its own well. Water was supplied by private companies who built reservoirs to store water from the natural springs. Paarlshoop had one, Parktown drained the Braamfontein Spruit at Sans Souci, two reservoirs at Ellis Park used the springs of the Jukskei. This was still insufficient and in 1902 the Rand Water Board was established to satisfy the needs of the residents a, factories and the mines. The water came from Zuurbekom. Today water is brought to Johannesburg from further afield.  

Which River today provides the City of Johannesburg with water?

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* 2. Plumbers

The City uses a large number of plumbers. For many years it trained the apprentices and skilled artisans moved out into the commercial world. Many remained with the municipality and were able to meet the costs of personal life insurance. This very sensible provision they made doomed two plumbers who married a lass named Daisy.  Who were they|?

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* 3. Circuses

In 1883 the circus came to the mining town and proved a hit. For many years thereafter the Christmas season was brightened with visits from the circuses which travelled min the summer months and spent winter and early spring on a circus farm.  All these circuses visited Johannesburg, but which was the first .

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* 4. Mayors of Johannesburg

From 1902 onwards there were Mayors of the town Council elected by the councillors who chaired Council meetings and did the honours unveiling Foundation Stones and leading charity drives.  Executive Mayors came with the democratically elected Councils after 1994. Many City Park are named in honour of various mayors and public benefactors. Only two of the names below were Mayors and only one of them was honoured with the name of a park.  Who was that?

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* 5. Famous Women of Johannesburg
Which of these famous women all involved in the Struggle did NOT live in Soweto:

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