Crescent Heights celebrates its 110th anniversary of being incorporated into a village this May. We will host a community placemaking festival May 1st- July 1st that will encourage residents to organize creative community gatherings that increase the vibrancy of our community: painting a mural, building park benches, having a park concert, yarn bombing, public film viewing, etc.

* 1. If a community celebration, running May 1st-July1st, is about getting residents of Crescent Heights to take initiative on beautifying their neighbourhood and organizing creative events/ actions/objects in public spaces what event name suits this festivity (Check all that apply:

* 2. Are you interested in applying for small community grants to initiate a community placemaking project? 

* 3. Please provide us with your email and permission to send you information regarding the event and any small grants we will be giving away to community members to initiate placemaking projects.