Oppucational Profile

Apprenticeship in Professional Hairdressing

The Hairdressing Apprenticeship Consortia Steering group are proud to announce that the National Professional Hairdressing Apprenticeship is currently in development. As part of the development process we are seeking input from industry professionals

Throughout this process we will be asking you for your opinion.  It is important as industry professionals that you have your voice heard in order to develop a program that reflects the needs of the industry.

The consortia steering made up of the following groups;

·      Apprentice Sub Committee representative

·      Hairdressing Council of Ireland

·      Synergy Hair Group

·      Irish Hairdressers Federation

·      Peter Mark

·      Image L & D and Image Skillnet

·      Limerick and Clare Education Training Board.

·      Education Training Board of Ireland

The Hairdressing Occupational Profile serves to clarify what the qualified apprentice should know and be able to do. Therefor we would ask that you read the following Occupational Skills profile and answer the very short survey of 3 questions which should take no more than 5 minutes in total.

The Professional Hairdressing Occupational Profile can be viewed HERE

Question Title

* 1. Do you agree that the above Occupational Skills Profile correctly
reflects the knowledge, skills and competencies that a qualified hairdresser requires?

Question Title

* 2. Are there any other items that you would like to add to the list of knowledge, skills or competencies? If yes, please insert your response to the comment box, otherwise please state 'No'.

Question Title

* 3. Is there anything in the occupational skills profile that you would like removed, or feel is not relevant to the role of a professional hairdresser. If so, please add your response to the comment box, otherwise please state 'No'.

Question Title

* 4. Please include your contact details if you wish to be kept informed of the program developments.