Do we listen to you when you make a complaint?

What is a complaint?

Sometimes people are not happy with their disability service. They might think staff are doing something wrong. When people are not happy they can tell someone. Telling someone that you are not happy is called a complaint.

This survey will let us know how you think we respond to your complaints.

Question Title

* 1. Think about the supports we provide for you. Answer the questions by circling your answer

  No Not Sure Yes
Do you know that you have the right to complain if you are not happy with the support you are getting?
Do you know how to make a complaint to us?
Do you feel OK about making a complaint to us?
Do staff listen to you if you complain?
Do we say sorry if we have made a mistake?
Do we ask you what you think about the supports we provide?
Do staff tell you how things have improved or changed after you have made a complaint?
Do you know that you can complain to the Disability Services Commissioner about your disability supports?