* 1. Which screen reader do you use?

* 2. What version of that screen reader are you running? (specify name and version if you know it)

* 3. Did you receive formal training on how to surf the internet with your screen reader?

* 4. With your screen reader, how do you bring up a description of a webpage:
(number of headings, links, landmarks etc.)
Please describe the key combination you use.

* 5. Do you know what "Landmarks" mean, and how do you detect the presence of, and skip between, landmarks on a webpage?

* 6. Do you know what "Headings" mean, and how do you detect and skip between headings on a webpage?

* 7. When you open a webpage you are not familiar with, how do you explore it (feel free to choose more than one option)?

* 8. When you open a webpage that has a main news article or story, how do you navigate to it?

* 9. If you need to locate information in a large table on a website, do you use your screen readers table navigation keys to find it?