1. How welcome did you feel the first time you attended a JTSG meeting?

2. Approximately how many times have you attended a Wooddale Job Transition Group meeting?

3. If you did not return after your first JTSG meeting, why not?

4. Personally, what would be the ideal day and/or starting time of JTSG meetings? (Check all that apply)

5. Rate the value of the following JTSG resources

  Not at all helpful Somewhat helpful Helpful Very helpful No opinion - not applicable/did not utilize
JTSG website
JTSG Six-Step Process training
JTSG Yahoo Group message board
Accomplishments Checklist
Job Search Activity Scorecard
Lead Generation exercise
Prayer groups
One-on-one coaching with yellow taggers
Sales & Marketing subgroup
Networking with JTSG job seekers
Topical workshops
JTSG Networking Database

6. Rate the value of the following topical workshops that you've attended

  Unsure Not helpful at all A little helpful Helpful Very helpful
Accomplishments/STAR Stories
Interviewing (Selling! Your Way to a New Job)
Tips for Job Seekers >50

7. What other job transition support groups and resources have been helpful to you?

8. Describe your experience with the JTSG Networking Database?

  I did not attempt to use the database for networking contacts The database was a great resource for networking contacts The database was NOT a great resource for networking contacts I have been a networking contact for job seekers using the database
Check all that apply

9. Do you wish to remain on the JTSG Database in order to potentially help other job seekers?

10. If you were in charge of JTSG, what changes or additions to our program would you make? Rate on a scale of 1-5 (5 is highest)

  1 2 3 4 5
Additional networking sub-groups (e.g., healthcare, IT, public sector, etc.)
Job Fairs (with recruiters and employers)
Guest speakers (subject matter experts)
More one-on-one coaching/mentoring time with yellow taggers